Each product comes with symbols that explain its characteristics.

Weight shows the weight of the material per/m2. The bar indicates the strength of the material.
Shows what material the product is made of.
EN 343 Protection against rain.
The standard specifies test methods and requirements for fabricsand seams in garments intended to protect against bad weather. The garments are being tested for waterproofness and impermeability to water vapor.
ISO 20471 Protective, high-visibility clothing.
The standard specifies requirements for clothing intended to make the user visible in hazardous situations, regardless of lighting conditions.
  EN ISO 14116 Protection against heat and flame.
The standard specifies the requirement for properties in terms of flame spread of materials and material combinations used in protective clothing.
EN 388 Physical and mechanical stress on gloves.
The standard specifies characteristics such as protection against abrasion, cutting, tearing and perforation.
EN 374 Protection against microorganisms.
The standard specifies the gloves’ ability to protect the user against microorganisms.

EN 1149-5. Protection against electrostatic properties.
The standard prescribes requirements for electrostatic protection and reduce the risk of spark formation. The garment should be used as part of a total earthed system to avoid incendiary discharges

Oil resistant.
The material is resistant to oil.
Low-temperature resistant.
The product is resistant to low temperatures and maintains its flexibility.