We believe in long-term thinking

For over 100 years, Grundéns have been protecting the fishermen from rain and storm. Now we want to do the same for the hard working men and women in the building and Construction industry.

2013 the work began on a new and broader product range, 2014  Gundéns launches user-adapted rainwear and protective clothing in five categories: Building & Construction , commercial fishing , Agriculture & Forestry , Industry & Service and Outdoor. Waterproof clothing has long been a consumable item, it´s not anymore. In order to create sustainability for our customers and our business, we believe in long-term thinking. Therefore we have developed our new products in close cooperation with professional users of this type of rain gear, all to develop user-friendly rainwear and protective clothing, that really works as desired.

Based on materials and specific attributes depending on professional need  each garment are defined as either Heavy Duty , Medium Duty and Light Duty.