The son of a fisherman, Carl A. Grundén founded a factory for oiled garments in Grundsund,Sweden. The production seized in 1914 because of material shortage linked to the onset of World War I.


Carl A. Grundén once again started to produce oiled garments in Grundsund. The company was named Grundéns Regnklädesfabrik AB (”Grundéns Rainwear Factory Inc.”) and has ever since developed and manufactured rainwear.


During the 1930s, Grundéns introduced rubberized fabric as material for rainwear. Rubberized fabric was a lot more comfortable and durable than oiled cloth.


In the beginning of the 1950s, Grundéns began using PVC-coated fabrics. This material is still the world-leading fabric for professional rainwear that demands outstanding durability.


The company reached its peak of expansion in Grundsund. During the summer of 1955 the factory was moved to Uddevalla.


Grundéns decided to start up production in Portugal. A factory was established and the company invested in a modern production facility with a competent personnel. The headquarters and parts of the production remained in Sweden.


Grundéns sponsored the racing boats Sverige, Independence, Enterprise and Courageous in their America’s Cup endeavor. All crewmembers wore Grundéns rainwear.


Fishermen brothers Mike and Dave Jackson from Seattle acquired the distribution rights for Grundéns in the USA. Grundéns soon became a success on the American market.


Grundéns South America was established in Santiago, Chile.


Grundéns gets new owners. The new ownership results in a development and strengthening of the brand, product range and organization. The headquarters and warehouse are located to Borås, a city with a long tradition and cutting edge know-how within the textile and fashion industries, workwear, and logistics. new chapter in the history of Grundéns is underway.


 Grundéns inaugurate its new factory in Portugal and introduces the concept of light, medium and heavy duty in all product segments. Grundéns launches new product range within Building & Construction and Agriculture & Forestry.